Our trainers provide the same training, each with our own flair, examples, stories, experience and sustainable superpowers.
We cover different locations and languages across Europe, and of course we carbon compensate our trips. Contact a trainer directly via their page, or use the form below and your inquiry will be forwarded to the nearest, available or best suited trainer.

Bram v/d Grinten

Circular and climate-positive design engineer,…

Based in Rotterdam
Speaks English, Dutch
Powers: Circular products,…



Santeri Lehtonen

Ecologist working with Green Entrepreneurship,…

Based in Berlin
Speaks English, Finnish,…
Powers: Sustainable food,…


Lia Alvarez

Community Manager at Cif, Founder of Fair by Nature…

Based in Groningen.
Speaks Spanish, English
Powers: Green architecture,…



Christopher Marton

Researcher and sustainability analyst,…

Based in Stockholm
Speaks Swedish, English
Powers: Climate policy,…


Nicholas Fitzpatrick

Doctoral Student at CENSE,…

Based in Lisbon
Speaks English
Powers: Earth’s system,…



Csaba Dudás

Purpose-driven marketer and business developer,…

Based in Budapest
Speaks English, Hungarian
Powers: Environmental,…



Julia Weber

Social ecologist with climate and social impact business,…

Based in Vienna
Speaks English, German
Powers: Social Ecology,…


Israel Griol Barres

Manager of StartUPV,…

Based in Valencia
Speaks Spanish, English
Powers: Strategical mindset,…



Lorena Pedrós Cayo

Startup mentor at IDEAS UPV and,…

Based in Valencia
Speaks Spanish, English
Powers: Business Modeling,…


Agnese Metitieri

Sustainability and Circular Economy Consultant, …

Based in Rome
Speaks Italian, English
Powers: Energy engineering,…


Julia Bertret

Co-founder of CELSIOUS, aiming to help startups, and…

Based in Geneve
Speaks French, English
Powers: Energy engineering,…


Janna Kuhlmann

Consultant in environmental chemistry, and…

Based in Hamburg
Speaks German, English
Powers: Cradle to Cradle,…


Gabi Brunazzo

Gabi has been working with SaaS startups since 2010…

Based in Bologna
Speaks Portuguese, English
Powers: Entrepreneurship,…


Lara Obst

Co-founder THE CLIMATE CHOICE, and …

Based in Berlin
Speaks German, English
Powers: Sustainable business,..


Silvia Fernández

Food & Education Consultant at Fair by Nature, and …

Based in Wageningen
Speaks Spanish, English
Powers: Education, …


Mikkel Trym

Entrepreneurship Lead, Nordic countries, EIT Climate-KIC,…

Based in Copenhagen
Speaks Danish, English, …
Powers: System innovation,..


Lars Reyes-Gjolme

Senior advisor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship coordinator,

Based in Trondheim
Speaks English, Norwegian
Powers: Soft funding,..


Thomas Rundqvist

Business Development Manager at Lu Innovation,…

Based in Lund
Speaks Swedish, English
Powers: Cleantech, …



A few of our slides

climate impact comparison impact assessment startups
climate impact comparison impact assessment startups
climate impact comparison impact assessment startups
climate impact comparison impact assessment startups
climate impact comparison impact assessment startups
climate impact comparison impact assessment startups
climate impact comparison impact assessment startups

Format and key learning outcomes


  • Carbon footprint quiz
  • Introductions, questions, goal, timetable
  • Introduction to impact assessment
  • Overview of LCA sources and tools
  • examples of impact startups
  • How a climate impact forecast works
  • Example demonstrated in the CIF tool
  • Workshop, assistance and feecback
  • Presenting results
  • Conclusion

Key learning outcomes

  1. (Climate) impact is not intuitive enough to guess, but data is available
  2. Life Cycle Assessment is a field of science and LCA works like this
  3. The Climate Impact Forecast is made for startups, building, measuring and learning about impact through iteration
  4. A surprise insight

This is the set-up, and the actual format and learning outcomes will be tailored to the occasion.

Cif training example planning

10:00 Arrival – welcome, introductions
10:30 Carbon footprint quiz – To warm up the carbon impact intuition
10:45 Talk – Impact assessment fundamentals Perspectives on assessment, examples of mitigation, enabler and adaptation projects, system boundaries, life cycles, benchmarks, Theory on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): definitions of process, system boundary, functional unit, business unit, LCI, CO2eq, Mpt, EVR, eco-costs, footprints including carbon footprint, endpoints EcoInvent and the IdeMat database
11:45 Workshop – Introduction to the tool with examples
12:30 Lunch
13.30 Workshop – Teams working on step 1 & 2
14:30 Impact stories – A round of intermediate results
14:30 Workshop – Table-by-table assistance Step 3 & 4: Identify which aspects of start-up idea contribute most to the total impact
16:00 Results – Draw conclusions and prepare the pitch to include everything found out today, and new to-do’s for impact improvement.
16:30 Pitches – Demonstrate how the idea has impact, how much, how to improve, and show how positive impact drives or benefits the business model. Including Q&A and feedback.
till 17h Wrap – Closing remarks and directions for exploration

Short format lectures and workshops

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